Project G.O.A.L. Chat Room


Hello, kids in grade 4-D or 5-D! :D! This is pgcr. This site was made for chating with big to little siblings. Starting with Emily and Ryan. If you could keep it going over the years that would be great thanks.

The Rules

1.Don't post anything rude to... people/ posts/ games/ and so on.

2.Please always have your nickname set as your real name or something people konow you as.

3.Follow the rules.

4.Don't start any more wars without my promission.

5.Remeber to get your needed dose of video games unlike me!

6. Remember to do your homework

7. Eat. Breath. Live. AND KEEL THE ALLIANCE!!!

Things to Know

1.This site is checked every week.

2.Please post at least one thing every 2 weeks.

3.Games or links can be posted in the Game Forum.

4.If you have any requests to make this sight better or to keep is safe please email me at

5.Please don't make new topics all the time. Please use the CHAT HERE under General Discussion.